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By caeblog on 12/18/2015 2:30 PM
Save the Date for the Centre for Teaching and Learning Speaker Series, Creativity for Learning, Learning for Creativity, Mohawk College Mohawk College’s Centre for Teaching & Learning launches its inaugural Speaker Series Creativity for Learning: Learning for Creativity. Creativity is increasingly recognized as an essential quality in successful organizations from educational institutions, to small businesses, to major corporations.

By caeblog on 12/17/2015 10:52 AM
Call for Proposals

Due: Wednesday, January 6, 2016; 11:59 p.m. EST. This deadline will NOT be extended. The Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE) invites proposals for presentations at its 36th Annual Conference,Empowering Learners, Effecting Change. The conference will be held at Western University and Fanshawe College...
By caeblog on 7/3/2014 3:17 PM
Announcing CU Open! A Source for Faculty Development in Online Education Under the leadership of Carleton University's Centre for Teaching and Learning, a multi-institutional team from Ontario Universities has collaborated on the creation of 11 blended and online modules...
By caeblog on 2/28/2014 9:51 AM
A Visit to the Apple Executive Briefing Centre Session

On Tuesday, February 18, 2014, a group of interested Deans, Chairs, Directors and technologically-minded professors braved blizzard-like conditions to attend a complimentary day-long session at the Apple Executive Briefing Centre in Toronto.

The purpose of this gathering was to discuss with Apple some of our technological hopes, dreams and challenges and to learn a bit more about what Apple is doing to support innovative and effective...
By caeblog on 2/13/2014 3:43 PM



Guides to Twitter, Flipped Classrooms, Google Glass, Digital Content, Pinterest and more..........

By caeblog on 2/11/2014 1:25 PM
Institute to offer results-focused professional development programs that help institutions and educators meet today's educational challenges. 
By caeblog on 1/31/2014 1:33 PM
The first time that I worked on a lesson plan for a course, I was a Graduate Teaching Assistant preparing to lead a seminar section for a group of students enrolled in a first year university large lecture/small seminar survey course -- one of the Beowulf to Virginia Woolf starter kits for aspiring literary connoisseurs.

For my first foray into teaching, it was a great course to be assigned to as a Teaching Assistant.  The course instructor, whom I still admire enormously for the care and thought he applied to his teaching, relished the time spent in the lecture hall with his students.  He had an exhaustive knowledge of the subject matter and a passion for literary studies -- every lecture had a soundtrack to start the class and featured slides filled with images to set the context for consideration of the works under examination.   Every class had compelling questions provided in advance.  During lectures, he would wander throughout the lecture hall and up into the seats, quoting long passages from memory in a resonant, theatrical voice, and inviting questions and debate.  Lectures were fun and fascinating and attendance was high.  Every student was welcomed personally to see him during office hours at least once during the semester and he met with his TA team every week to discuss his objectives for the seminars we were leading.  And, even better, he had prepared a seminar guidebook chock full of lesson plans for the Teaching Assistants. In retrospect, his TA guidebook was a thing of beauty that I should have been enormously grateful for as a TA because it prepared me expertly to guide my seminar group at a time when I had a few other things to focus on as a first year Master's student.

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