Teaching with Technology

  • UBC's eLearning Toolkit is for those new to using technology in education or those looking for new ideas and best practices. In the Toolkit, you will find a definition of each learning tool, sample uses, some benefits, tips on how to get started, and additional resources.
  • Illinois Online Network: Selected list of resources dealing with various aspects of online education and the online environment.
  • Tony Bates has built a bibliography of publications on e-learning. Here is a selected list of publications: Elearning Resources for Post-Secondary Education
  • Written by Jane Hart, A Practical Guide to the Top 100 Tools for Learning describes the essential features of each of the tools in the Top 100 Tools for Learning 2013 list, and how they can be used for personal productivity, professional learning and development, education and/or training. Below are the links to the pages of the web-based Guide. The PDF version is available from the link on the right hand column.
  • University of Waterloo has created a resource that provides technology solutions for a number of instructional challenges.

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